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Les Lycées et Collège Gabriel Deshayes

The school opened its doors in Saint Gildas des Bois more than 70 years ago and has been since very active on its territory.

The school caters to pupils in all grades of secondary school (from year 6 to year 12) and of a 2-year technical degree. In September 2010, it welcomed 980 students on an area of 5.7 ha.

-       At the Collège level (year 6 to year 9): 397 pupils in 15 classes

-       At the High School level (providing general and technological curriculum): 268 pupils in 11 classes, plus 2 classes of a 2-year technical degree specialised in management.

-       At the Professional High School level: 315 pupils from year 8 to year 12, plus a 2-year technical degree in water management. This High School depends on the Ministry of Agriculture.

Our key aim is to ensure that all our students can succeed.

We make this a reality by providing a nice environment and good working conditions where learning can flourish: the school has effective ICT tools; buildings are regularly renovated and are surrounded by a pleasant green environment. All these are favourable to a personal and intellectual fulfilment of the young people who are entrusted to us.

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